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What to Expect

We're glad you're connecting with our church family.  Here's what to expect for our SUNDAY worship gatherings, which we call Connect & Worship from 10:00-11:30am each Sunday.  We are 2 blocks south of Subway.  Parking can be found in our parking areas just off the cross streets Arch and Tonica. 


We welcome your family at our main entrance which includes a covered drive thru.  Our welcome team will be ready to greet you and point you in the right direction.  Our facility has no stairs to navigate to assist those with accessibility needs.  Parents with Kids Pre-K -->5th Grade can walk kids down to our Kids area down the hall, past the last double doors, and to the right.  Nursery care is provided as needed as well.  Adults and youth enter the Sanctuary. 


We start at 10:00am with Connect, a 25-minute discussion-based introduction to the topic of the day.  We use with the Bible Engagement Project to guide our time in God's Word.  We then enter into worship where we presently sing alongside traditional and contemporary worship tracks with the words on the screen to follow along easily. 

Next, we hear a message by our one of our pastors which include Biblical insight as well as relevant application.  We do not expect someone new to give an offering, but offering plates are open to all at the back table.  We celebrate Communion typically on the first Sunday of each month.  We pray for specific needs to end our time.  Kids will be picked up by parents when they are done in the Sanctuary.

About Us

Located in Central Illinois within an hour away from Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield lies the family-friendly rural town, Mason City.  The Assembly of God is located at 121 E. Arch just 2 blocks south of Subway on IL RT 10.  We believe family is God's idea and connecting with and ministering to families are our primary concerns.  We are are part of the Assemblies of God fellowship and believe that Salvation is found in Jesus, the Bible is true, the Holy Spirit is real, Healing is possible, and Jesus' Second Coming is near.

We are loving God completely and people unconditionally so that:

  • Every person becomes a believer

  • Every believer becomes a disciple

  • Every disciple is anointed by the Spirit and released into ministry,

  • Every ministry brings glory, honor, and praise to God.

Our Mission

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